Our Process

Due diligence resides at the core of our process.  By adhering to our proprietary five-step process we believe we can deliver a retirement plan that conforms to the latest regulatory statues, satisfies the sponsor’s plan design objectives and provides a well-designed and current educational program.

Our process is comprised of the following steps:

  1. Analyze current investment positions
  2. Recommend a diversified portfolio that is consistent with the size of the portfolio
  3. Formalize an investment policy - which happens to be one of the most critical functions of a Fiduciary
  4. Implement policy which defines due diligence criteria
  5. Monitor, supervise and repeat previous steps

Our Philosophy

Our practice revolves around two basic principles: clients come first and active management solutions can provide the most effective results.  First and foremost we are active portfolio management supporters.  Only through careful plan reviews can we effectively dispatch our professional expertise.  One size does not fit all nor does any investment solution satisfy the needs of many.  As our primary objective we approach the duties of providing plan oversight and investment advice as the essential differentiator of our practice.